Artist Notices

Nothing to report. Nada.

Current Artists New Releases

Peggie Nora – I’ve Had Enough
Tina Neumann (James Scott Nelson vocals) – To The Ones
Tina Newman & Lisa McEwen – Forgive Me Amelia
Tim Graves & The Farm Hands – She’s Gone, Gone, Gone

New Artists & Bands

Angie Flare – Exit to LA
Dave Caley – Chosen One
Juli Tapken – Denim with Diamonds
Juli Tapken – Dodged that Bullet
Julie Springs – God Is in Reach
Michelle Aspen – Radio Silence
Robbie Harte – Too Pretty to Be Home
Sonny Morgan – She’s Still Going Strong

New Songs to Songwriter Song Bank

Brian McKell – Different Light
Ronnie Fields – They Took Out the Bend

Metal Mondays (Metal Mondays 3 a.m. Playlist)

Dramascream – Sham
The Nightbirds – No Sign of Life

3 a.m. CST Late Night Dance Playlist

Please note this slot is only up to half an hour on Friday and Saturdays at 3 a.m. CST. We do not typically accept dance music so any new music will take turns rotating in this slot up to half an hour and only one song per artist.


Dre DaBoss Bangers Feat Scar DyD & Smook Pearson – Hold Ya Head (Clean Version)
Dimitris Nezis – Jackpot
Chop 5 – Consciousness Begins


Artist Happenings (News)

Andrew Dean & The Farm Machine Official Nominee for Country Album of the Year (WANTED) – Josie Music Awards

This Weeks Most Requested Song
RFABS Random Featured Artist, Band or Songwriter

Weekly Lyric Quote

“Late for work coffee on my shirt time to report, to the man. Just a blue collar down to my last dollar tryin to make, what I can. Swimmin’ in debt but I ain’t drowned yet drinking Malbac to survive. Do you feel the same? Can you feel my pain? Just dyin’, to stay alive. The struggle is real. You can put a price tag on the way I feel. That’s the deal. The struggle is real.

“Mike Casto” The Struggle Is Real

Site Issues

There should currently be no site issues. The station has been moved to it’s third new server. Hopefully this will fix the issues we’ve been having.

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