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Hi All, I have made a decision to suspend all voting on Star Radio Nashville after the Top 40 this week. I do not have the time to maintain the poll. It’s hours and hours worth of work. I will be lumping everything into requests. I may change this back in the new year but for now this is too cumbersome. So after today’s Top 40 Countdown we will be working on requests only. I’m going to put all songs into rotation with the exception of the songs that go to the song bank. 🤓 REQUESTS ARE LIMITED TO 4x per hour up to 96x per day. The platform has these limitations but don’t worry if your song doesn’t play right away that’s also part of the limitations and your requests will still be counted. SPOTLIGHT ARTIST Banner will now be the No 1 Banner.  (In the event of a tie of which there can be many, I will resort to a statisticians logical excel rank formula which is a simple approach that the first in a list wins the tie and is assigned a higher rank. The formula is an excel formula and auto calculates where there are ties.)

Current Artists New Releases

Hunter Lott – This Time of Year
Jennifer Mlott – Trouble Time

New Artists & Bands

Tommy Habib – Zara
Trey Callaway – Tire Tracks
Jillian Dawn – For the Night

Coming Soon to Late Night Dance Playlist

Dimitris Nezis – Jackpot (Late Night Dance Playlist)
Chop 5 Consciousness Begins
Dimitris Nezis – Out of Me

New Songs to Songwriter Song Bank

John Draycott – Are We There Yet
John Draycott – Just Try on My Hat
John Draycott – You’re So Damn Beautiful

Artist Happenings (News)
  • It’s Not Too Late To Call Video Rickey Combs
  • The Nightbirds – Bring It Out (official music video)
  • New Video from Andrew Dean & The Farm Machine – Here In the Sun
  • Kris Rowdy Nationwide Tour happening now
  • Hunter Lott – New Movie Coming (Vernon)
  • Hunter Lott – New Song for Soundtrack – Drag You Down
  • Hunter Lott – Summer Tour
  • Andrew Dean & The Farm Machine – GREAT LAKES TOUR this Summer
  • The Nightbirds – New Song (coming soon)
  • The Nightbirds – New Video for Next to You (coming soon)
  • Tofte – New Music Video for Midnight Flyer
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Site Issues

Hi All it’s come to my attention that some songs are missing off the server. Again this is something to do with the migration. I’m really sorry. I had to go through everything and add them back. I’ve contacted SPACIAL Crap Support again – this was beyond my control.

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