The Top 20 Format has changed. It will now be made up of the most requested song by each artist. Then it will be drilled down highest to lowest. In the case there is not enough songs for the top 20 we will go to the next highest request number regardless of the artist and slot it in where the request number fits in order.

Artist Notice SCAM WARNING!!!

Hi All. DO NOT PAY ANYBODY FOR ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS STATION – IF YOU ARE PAYING SOMEONE THEY ARE RIPPING YOU OFF – I’m sure I know who it is. LOOK AT THE EMAIL I RECEIVED FROM AN ARTIST in the body of the email is this : – I sent you about 7 or 8 emails trying to match what you were looking for on the tip sheet I paid for ( you wanted different genres/ crossover, etc). First do you get these (I didn;t have any bounce backs but you never know ) and, if you did, what is your feedback, good or bad ? THE SAME PERSON WHO IS TRYING TO SCAM EVERYONE ALSO SET UP A FAKE INSTRAGRAM UNDER THE USERNAME starradionashville_official – If you want the right Instagram go to the link on this site.

Current Artists New Releases

Dennis Angellis – A Fork In The Road
Trey Calloway – Worth A Shot

New Artists & Bands

The Goddamsels – Rollanda
Andrea Jean – Cowboy Man

New Songs to Songwriter Song Bank


Metal Mondays (Metal Mondays 3 a.m. Playlist)


3 a.m. CST Late Night Dance Playlist

Please note this slot is only up to half an hour on Friday and Saturdays at 3 a.m. CST. We do not typically accept dance music so any new music will take turns rotating in this slot up to half an hour and only one song per artist.

Holly Clough – Fun + Love


Artist Happenings (News)

John Michael Ferrari was named Outstanding Male Singer Songwriter of the year 2022 by the Nashville Music Foundation

This Weeks Most Requested Song
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Monthly Lyric Quote

“Late for work coffee on my shirt time to report, to the man. Just a blue collar down to my last dollar tryin to make, what I can. Swimmin’ in debt but I ain’t drowned yet drinking Malbac to survive. Do you feel the same? Can you feel my pain? Just dyin’, to stay alive. The struggle is real. You can put a price tag on the way I feel. That’s the deal. The struggle is real.

“Mike Casto” The Struggle Is Real

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