Weekly Top 40 Voting Formula

EACH VOTER HAS 30 VOTES AVAILABLE PER HOUR. Once you’ve used your total votes for the hour, your option will reset and you can vote again when your hour has lapsed.

Weekly Votes + Requests = Weekly Total

Weekly Total is added to previous weeks total

Weekly Total + Previous Weeks Total is averaged over 2 weeks. This determines Top 40 Rank.

The two week average creates real competition. You never know who will get No. 1. This also encourages your fans to request, vote and get engaged.

(In the event of a tie of which there can be many, we resort to a statisticians logical excel rank formula which is a simple approach that the first in a list wins the tie and is assigned a higher ran. The formula is an excel formula and auto calculates where there are ties.)

Spotlight Artist of The Week is the band or artist that has the highest total votes + requests for current week.

Current Artists New Releases for Top 40 Consideration

Tina Neumann & John Restas (Songwriters) – Drink You In
Silent Stranger – Battle Axe
Silent Stranger – In The Shadows
Tina Neumann & John Restas (Songwriters) – I Want You to Know Me

New Artists & Bands for Top 40 Consideration

Bobby Compton – I Fight With My Wife
John Restas – Alabama One Desire
Kello Aman – Ain’t She Sumptin’
Kello Aman – Whiskey On My Pancakes
Michael Wayne Dill – Your Best Lie
The Farm Hands (feat Kimberly Bibb-Marrs – Missing You

New to Standard Rotation

Tina Neumann (Songwriter) – My Sweet Southern Girl – moved to rotation & Song Bank
Tina Neumann (Songwriter) – Queen of The Road – moved to rotation & Song Bank
Silent Stranger – Silent Stranger moved to rotation
Silent Stranger – Make Way for the ladies moved to rotation
Jennifer Mlott – Once Upon a Time (NEW SONG)

New Songs to Song Bank

Tina Neumann (Songwriter) Sweet Southern Girl – moved to rotation & Song Bank
Tina Neumann (Songwriter) Queen of The Road – moved to rotation & Song Bank

Artist Notices

Hi Artists. Gina Marie Gordon has created several FAKE INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS under Star Radio Nashville Name. JUST TO LET YOU KNOW the OFFICIAL INSTAGRAM of Star Radio Nashville is posted on this website. I’m also going to tell you all right now Gina Marie Gordon has nothing, to do with Star Radio Nashville for several months now and I am not working with her whatsoever.


If you don’t see or hear the song or songs you submitted, please contact us via Facebook Messenger. It’s likely your songs and images were submitted without Meta Tags therefore we don’t know the name of the artist or band.

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